Windows 8 Appathon

We are pleased to announce that Microsoft and philly.NET are hosting a Windows 8 Store App contest. Use Visual Studio 2012 to build your app using C#|VB/XAML, WinJS/HTML5/CSS3, or C++. Package the app and submit to our shared SkyDrive folder (!107&authkey=!ADk0FNCoDGWUePI by midnight Monday). All submissions must be uploaded by midnight December 16. Winners will be judged by David Isbitski, Rob Keiser, and Bill Wolff. The awards will be made at the December 18 meeting featuring Uncle Bob Martin. Prizes include:

  • Windows Surface RT Tablet
  • Windows Phone
  • XBOX Live points

You do not need to submit your app to the Windows store to participate. But, imagine the fame and fortune that would come from your first official store app!