Microsoft Azure Web Sites and On-Premises

12:00 pm in
Brady Gaster

Microsoft Azure Web Sites is a great platform for hosting web applications and APIs written in Microsoft ASP.NET, Node.js, PHP, and Python. Customers who want to move into cloud technology a step at a time find great success when initiating their move to cloud by standing up their website presence using Microsoft Azure Web Sites. Many developers who aim to move to the cloud want to do so in phases. For these situations, many questions arise around how to connect a website back to an on-premises enterprise or even to connect to a Microsoft Office 365 site. In this session, various techniques of connecting a Microsoft Azure Web Site to an on-premises enterprise architecture are discussed. Through a series of deep-dive demonstrations using Service Bus, SignalR, data marts, and Microsoft Azure Active Directory, you are introduced to the opportunities that enable communication between Microsoft Azure Web Sites and your enterprise environment. If you’ve been wanting to get started with Web Sites but have been unable to conceptualize how you can set up a hybrid environment using Microsoft Azure, this session will clear the air and give you some ideas of what’s possible.

I just met you, and “this” is crazy, but here’s my NaN, so call(me) maybe?

1:30 pm in
Rachel Appel

JavaScript can be a passive-aggressive and fickle language that frustrates you at every turn! It lets you do things like declare variables wherever you want but doesn’t tell you that it will hoist them while you’re not looking. JavaScript’s this keyword is anything but, and eval can turn good code to evil fast. In this session, we will discuss the top 10 common JavaScript headaches, mistakes, or quirks you just need to know as well as how you can avoid them. Learn what can trip you, like the this keyword, JavaScript scoping, evil Eval, and the use of the With statement (VB devs beware!). Alongside those gotchas is the fact that not all equality operators are created equal and how the innocent looking parseInt() causes farce parses, and this session will dig into all these language quirks and more!

Windows Phone 100+ Apps In – What I have Learned

3:00 pm in
Atley HunterMVP

Find out what has worked for me and what has not! You will gain the knowledge of literally dozens of development and deployment stories so you can cut to the chase and be as successful as possible with your mobile development in this open-forum style discussion on mobile development with arguably the most prolific Windows Phone developer in the world!

Learn from my Binging and bungling, ask your questions and get the real info from someone that’s done it, lots! – Windows Phone focus

Presenting the SPA with Responsive Design Frameworks, HTML5, JS/JQuery, CSS3

6:00 pm in
Jennifer Kenderdine
Throughout code camp multiple speakers have talked about various topics that all impact how we interact with web sites and pages: Responsive Design, HTML5, JavaScript/JQuery, CSS3, etc. All these technologies enhance our experience with the web so why not integrate them all into one SPA?   We will focus on how we create the shell and then bring all these technologies together for an impressive SPA.

From Moonlighter to Business Owner: Going Out on Your Own

7:30 pm in
Matt Mondok

After 8 years of being a full time employee at a few big companies and 10 years of moonlighting as a consultant, I decided to quit my job and start a company. For all of you out there thinking about becoming a business owner, I’ll cover a variety of different topics including funding, insurance, finding clients, keeping clients, firing clients, expansion, leveraging resources like the Microsoft Partner Network, and the ins-and-outs of being your own boss. I’ll also talk about how you can juggle the day-to-day aspects of running a business while doing what you love: developing software.

Explaining, Demonstrating and Using the OpenStack.NET SDK

9:00 am in
Don Schenck

After an introduction to cloud computing — and OpenStack in particular — we’ll jump into the good stuff: Code. C#, VB and PowerShell all spoken here (and even F# on occasion).

You’ll learn how to: Create a network, spin up some servers, put the servers into the network, create some storage containers, upload some videos to the containers, and more … all in .NET code, all in about 60 minutes.

Then, just for fun, you’ll then be able to view the videos on your phone using the cloud we just created. Come learn about the hottest topic in technology, cloud computing

Breaking Scriptcs

10:30 am in
Justin Rusbatch

You’ve read the blog posts. You’ve heard the podcasts. You’ve seen the presentations. You know Scriptcs gives you a new and lightweight way to write C#. Maybe you’ve even written a script pack or two. You’re ready for more.

In this talk, I will take you beyond the basics. From the console to the compiler, I will show you how to redefine its behavior – one component at a time.

You know how to use Scriptcs. Now, I will show you how you can abuse it.

iBeacons for Everyone, from iOS to Android

1:00 pm in
James Montemagno

iBeacons are taking the world by storm allowing developers to leverage Bluetooth Low Energy to give their apps location support that can work just about anywhere including indoors. This give you the ability to enable any number of scenarios based upon device proximity that were never before possible. From retail stores to even sports including the Super Bowl and MLB, you will soon be finding iBeacons just about everywhere. Introduced as a core feature of iOS 7 iBeacon support has now found it’s way to Android. You will learn what an iBeacon is, how they work, how you would want to use them, and how to get started making apps in both Android and iOS. All demonstrations will be coded in C#, but will be applicable to any iOS or Android developer in any language.

Introduction to BigData and Hadoop in Microsoft platform

2:00 pm in
Joy Chakraborty

Learn about how to take advantage of Hadoop big data solution in Microsoft platform in solving problems that deals with massive amount of data and practically impossible to solve using traditional data processing and storage architecture. We will introduce the big data technologies and its related architecture that is applicable in all modern technological platforms (e.g. Microsoft and beyond). Then we will try to solve some real world big data problem using Hadoop from .Net environment. These techniques can be applicable to any other language in any other platform.