Building Speech-enabled Mobile Apps with Cortana

12:00 pm in
Nick Landry

Can you hear me now? Move over Siri, Cortana is the new star in town and with her comes an army of speech-enabled mobile applications on Windows Phone. Mobile applications are not always easy to work with due to the small screen and small on-screen keyboard. Using our voice is a natural form of communication amongst humans, and ever since 2001’s HAL9000 and Star Trek, we’ve been dreaming of computers who can converse with us. Or maybe you’re part of the new generation of Halo geeks dreaming of Cortana? Thanks to the new Microsoft SDKs for speech recognition and speech synthesis (aka text-to-speech), we are now several steps closer to this reality. This session explores the development techniques you can use to add speech recognition to your Windows Phone applications, including in-app commands, standard & custom grammars, and voice commands usable outside your app with Cortana. We’ll also see how your apps can respond to the user via speech synthesis, opening-up a new world of hands-free scenarios. This reality is here, you’ll see actual live demos with speech and you can now learn how to do it. Most of the demos target Windows Phone, but we’ll also cover some content for Windows Store, iOS and Android.

Reaching New Customers with Your HTML5 Web Apps through the Amazon Appstore

1:30 pm in
David Isbitski

Most mobile websites today reach their customers through search engines. What if you could get your existing mobile website in front of Amazon’s customers on Kindle and Android devices? Thanks to the new Amazon Web Apps API you can have a new mobile app through a simplified process. This session will cover everything you need to know about optimizing your mobile website for Kindle and Android devices, submitting your web app to the Amazon Appstore, testing and debugging your web app, and how to monetize with Amazon’s In-App Purchasing API.

Build your first mobile app with Cordova and Telerik AppBuilder

3:00 pm in
Jeffrey FritzMS

Mobile has taken over, and you are still programming a line of business application for your employer. How can you get started building a mobile application that will run on your favorite device without learning a brand new programming language and getting involved with device vendors? In this session, I will introduce Apache Cordova (Adobe Phonegap) and the Telerik AppBuilder product. You will learn how to leverage your HTML5 and JavaScript skill set to build applications that will run on any iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device and can be uploaded to any store.

Panel: Year of the Developer

4:30 pm in
Andrew Duthie, Brady Gaster, Jim Christopher, Pete Brown, Stephen Bohlen

Walk On The Wild Side With The New Azure

7:30 pm in
Nick Berardi

In this presentation Nick Berardi will be walking through Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform, explaining whats new and walking through the new portal that was released at BUILD this year.

Coding Tips and Tricks I Learned from Making Some of the Biggest Apps Out There

9:00 am in
Atley HunterMVP

While I can’t tell you what the apps are, I have built some huge apps for clients that have, collectively, over 4,000,000 users. You’ll find out the coding and XAML tricks to make your apps look as sleek and polished as the biggest apps out there.

7-Minute Apps: Tools and Techniques for Rapid App-Development on Windows and WindowsPhone

10:30 am in
Stephen Bohlen

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, you know that the arrival of ‘apps’ had fundamentally changed the world of software development both for the better and for the worse! In this talk, we’ll explore the wide-variety of tools and technologies that are available to support RAD App-Development on both Windows and WindowsPhone (HINT: its easier than you think to build apps!).

We’ll take a whirl-wind tour through the tools that are available to developers today to spin-up full-features apps in a fraction of the time most developers expect. We’ll start by looking briefly at traditional app-building approaches so that we all understand the overall mechanics of the process, then we’ll investigate the tools available to radically shorten this development process. We’ll investigate techniques to leverage existing responsive web design content to build full-featured hybrid web apps for both Windows and WindowsPhone based on your existing web sites as well as exploring App Studio which enables developers to build native apps in no more than just a few quick mouse-clicks. We’ll also take a look at the wide range of services and API integration tools that make it dirt-simple to integrate rich public APIs into your apps (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, demographic data, and more).

Lastly, we’ll dig into the various considerations that play into the business factors that developers have to consider when developing apps (HINT: almost everything you think you know about the business of software is WRONG). Attendees will leave this session both with a comprehensive understanding of the options available to them to build rapidly apps for the Microsoft platform with a minimum of effort as well as the business considerations that need to inform their thinking as they design their apps.

Panel: Future Directions: Languages, .NET and Visual Studio

12:00 pm in
Andy SchwamMVP, Atley HunterMVP, Jeffrey FritzMS, Kathleen DollardMVP, Rachel Appel

Building Windows Universal XAML/C# Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

1:00 pm in
Nick Landry

This session is your fast track into the wonderful new world of app development for Windows device. Come learn how your valuable C# skills now make you a hot mobile developer for smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. We’ll perform a quick lap around Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 and the new Windows Universal Apps, build our first app using XAML & C#, and debug it with Windows 8.1 and the Windows Phone Emulator. We’ll then explore the converged WinRT API services and features, such as touch input, accelerometers, Live Tiles, etc. We’ll also spend valuable time going over the new app model for Windows device apps, how to share code between phone and tablet, and how to build a converged UI in XAML for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone. Lastly we’ll go over the app packaging and how to submit your Universal apps to the Windows Store. The converged Windows Platform is more efficient and far-reaching than ever. Come learn how to build mobile apps for hundreds of millions of Windows device users.

Tiles and Badges for Windows

2:00 pm in
Rob KeiserMVP

This talk will show how using tiles enhance the Windows experience and how notifications can be used to enhance your applications. The talk will go over tile templates, terminology and sending notifications in a Windows Phone application.