Vladimir Gizspenc

After graduating from Rutgers, Vladimir Giszpenc (pronounced [guishpence]) went off to work for a small hierarchical database company called Revelation Technologies, years before NoSQL came to be. In 2001, Vlad created his own company called LogicMagic. He taught himself C# and began coding for profit and fun. It turns out there is a lot more to running a company than programming. Self-employment was enriching but Vlad was married with a kid, so he went back to contracting work and finally settled in at Ernst & Young on a huge team writing a workflow application for their auditors to be connected and not on the customer network (many lessons learned there!). Vlad later returned to NJ to work for another contractor (DSCI) as a senior software engineer. In 2007, he was asked to write an application that would run on Linux. A .NET devotée, using Java seemed like taking a step back, so he gambled on Mono, and hasn’t looked back! Vlad is a regular attendee at http://www.njdonet.net meetings.