Shirley Qin

I am a senior software consultant for over 15 years. Microsoft technology stack had been my major development platforms, but in recent years, I started to explore other development platforms as well. Now I still conduct general application developments based on MS, but many of my focus are shifted to enterprise application integrations which are cross domains and platforms through APIs, also doing lots of API developments, enterprise mobile developments.

Cross platform mobile development using Apache Cordova with AngularJS and RESTful APIs

Saturday, October 10th, 2015 at 8:30 am in

I will walk through how to create cross platform mobile applications using Apache Cordova with AngularJS and RESTful APIs. Microsoft Apache Cordova is new template which uses Plug-in model to communicate mobile native features. The template provides MVC scaffolding yet fully built on standard web technologies, like JavaScript, HTML, CSS. Different JavaScript technologies can be used like AngularJS, WinJS, Ionic. I will show how to use dependency injections features of AngularJS, how to create dynamic UI and data binding through AngularJS framework, how to invoke RESTful APIs (for example, get data from, how to invoke native mobile features, how to use emulators, finally how to deploy application to real device.