Samir Patel

Samir Patel is a Senior Software Engineer with RDA Corporation and has been working with Microsoft technologies, including ASP.NET, SharePoint, SQL Server, and BI for the last 10 years. He has implemented internal and external websites to improve business processes and reporting needs. He has been doing web development since he graduated, and currently, working on a large scale web project which touches – ASP.NET, VB Script, JS Script, classic ASP, and SQL Server.

Office 2013 App Development for Mere Mortals

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at 3:00 pm in 331

Office 2013 offers an unique opportunity to build apps and monetize, as a developer with web development background. According to Microsoft, more than 1B users will be using some sort of devices by year 2016, and Microsoft wants to bring new Office (2013 and higher) experience to all these devices. Come and learn what’s new and how can you implement office apps, if you know any web development technology. Yes!!! .NET, PHP, or Ruby on Rail!!!

What you will learn:
1. What’s Office App
2. Office App Store
3. Overview of Office .JS library
4. Working examples

What you will get at end of the presentation:
– A new direction to build apps, using your existing knowledge of web development :)