Sam Elliott De La Torre Baba

I am a Software Developer from Puerto Rico and obtained my BS in Computer Engineering in May 2015 from the University of Puerto Rico. I am currently working at Infragistics where I work on Report Plus for Web. A lot of my time is spent working around the front-end and playing with trendy JavaScript frameworks and libraries. I am active on Twitter (@SamElliott7C7) and you can keep up to date with what I’m up to on my personal site at

Observables with RxJS5: Using reactive programming to model async behavior

Saturday, February 25th, 2017 at 1:30 pm

Writing asynchronous code is hard. Observables are here to simplify our asynchronous workflow by allowing us to to model our asynchronous events as collections. We’ll be taking an introductory look at the RxJS library and look into some common asynchronous workflows and simplify these by using Observables.