Matt Silva

Matt is a Senior Manager at Cox Automotive with 12 years of experience in multiple types of applications from the very small to the very large; (nearly) all within the warm fuzzy embrace of Microsoft. In his current role he works with all things relating to software operations and in the course of his duties interacts with the entire stack from fiber connectivity to the end user. In the past he was a database engineer, a C# engineer and a general troubleshooter-in-chief.

In his spare time he can be found with his family, and after they’ve gone to bed in front of something electronic; either gaming, reading or coding.

Scaling Up: going from MBs to TBs quickly

Saturday, October 22nd, 2016 at 3:00 pm in

Scaling yourself (or your app) up is a wild ride. Your daily choices can yield unpredictable results, and your (or your colleagues) prior choices can suddenly blow up in your face. You’re faced with a number of daunting challenges that can keep you and the team around you on their toes.

In this session we’ll focus on the experiences of going from a small (100’s of MB’s) to a large-ish (dozens of TB’s) environment and thriving. We’ll cover the lessons from the school of hard knocks learned during a rocky launch, enhancing a moving application at scale, and navigating the waters of getting applications to AWS without breaking much along the way.

This talk will not spend too much time on practical code examples, but instead focus on the patterns used to fix database issues, fix C# application issues and work with the infrastructure you’ve got.