Kevin Mack

Kevin Mack is a .net solutions architect who’s worked on a variety of applications ranging from small business applications through large scale enterprise applications, and on a variety of technologies and platforms. He has extensive experience in the web technologies as well as the entire Microsoft Stack, and the Microsoft Cloud. Fully embracing Agile Practices and innovation Kevin has become a integral part of moving his organization forward into new areas of Software Development and embracing new technologies and practices to produce better quality software for lower costs and with greater consistency and quality. Thanks to Kevin’s technical skills and knowledge, as well as experience, Kevin has not only led many large scale projects to success but also has been brought on to provide advice and support with the development of standards, practices, ALM and code quality for many existing project. Kevin has extensive experience working in all level of software development from RFP to delivered solution and beyond. Expanding his skills into the Mobile Space, Kevin is currently involved in 4 projects currently in development for release to the iOS and Android platforms.

Xamarin and Android

Saturday, October 10th, 2015 at 11:30 am in

his talk aims to cover all facets of developing, publishing and monetizing mobile apps for the Android platform. Starting from developing your application using the Xamarin.Android platform, publishing apps in Google Play / Amazon App Store. From there we will dive into monetizing apps by implementing mobile ads with Google AdSense, Then take a look at getting analytics to support your application using Xamarin Insights. then take a look at expanding your application’s functionality by supporting it with integrated database as well as integrating back-end Web Services. And finally we will discusss app integration with social networks like Facebook / Twitter – one of the most cost-effective ways to spread the word about your app.