John Tomaselli

Since entering the information technology world in 1980, John Tomaselli has been on a 30+ year development odyssey, constantly keeping up with industry changes. Starting with the Pick variation Prime Information Systems he formed a partnership with three other programmers to create Reliance Systems, a New York based database consulting firm.  In 1993 John founded Greater Than Zero, Inc. a company dedicated to providing custom programming for small businesses. To this day, GTZ offers comprehensive software solutions capable of integrating all aspects of a company’s work flow. Initially, programming at GTZ was done in MSAccess but as client’s needs grew John migrated to Delphi, C Sharp and Interbase/Firebird.  A good deal of the past 15 years has been spent developing Delphi/Firebird SQL client/server apps along with During this time John also served as the director of development for Connexin Software; a medical software company, helping them achieve steady growth and win competitions.  Since recognizing the advantages of  AngularJS (even before it’s first birthday) and realizing the importance of JavaScript, John has, once and for all, changed his stack.  To introduce his AngularJS applications, John has presented many lightning demos at Angular meetups at Google’s NYC headquarters where he had the good fortune of meeting Matt, his youthful co-presenter and collaborator. John blogs at

The New MEANS stack with Sails.js = MongoDB+Express+AngularJS+Node.js+Sails.js

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at 3:00 pm in 210

Sails.js makes it easy to build custom, enterprise-grade Node.js app. Designed to mimic the MVC patterns of frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Sails.js allows you to create data-driven RESTful APIs quickly and reliably. Because it uses under the hood, realtime and pubsub communication is also readily available out-of-the-box.

With the backing of Google and a large, active open-source community, AngularJS is rapidly becoming the de-facto standard for rich Single Page Applications. More than just a databinding framework, AngularJS defines a new and Superheroic(TM) way to manipulate the DOM without the usual mess and confusion of jQuery. Angular’s well-structured MVW (MV Whatever) architecture is a perfect match for a Sails.js backend.

In this talk, we will show you how to quickly create a rich application using Sails.js and AngularJS. We will highlight the many features of Sails.js and show you how to easily integrate with an Angular frontend. Sails.js itself encapsulates the rest of the standard MEAN stack, Mongo, Express, and Node.js, and we will describe how that works from a high level, and how you can access the native technologies should you need them.

Note: While we will be demoing a Mongo database, Sails works with numerous databases via adapter modules.