Jeremy Jarrell

Jeremy Jarrell is a professional software developer specializing in commercial application development for the enterprise space. He is heavily involved in the local developer community both as a regular presenter throughout the Pittsburgh and Philadelphia regions as well as an author whose articles have appeared on sites such as and He is currently the Software Development Team Lead at Matrix Solutions of Pittsburgh, PA, the leading provider of strategic account analysis and CRM software to the media industry.

Getting Started with Performance Tuning .NET Applications

Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 12:10 pm in 210

Are your apps not running as fast as they could be? Is your site not serving with the vigor it used to? Performance tuning is often considered a black art whose secrets are known only to a select few code whisperers who were born with an innate gift for speeding up code. This is simply not true. The skill of performance tuning can be learned and understood by any software developer in surprisingly little time.

This session will show you how to pinpoint bottlenecks in your code using profiling tools, understand their cause, and solve them to get your app back to running like a star. You’ll not only leave with an understanding of how to diagnose your performance problems but also a set of simple techniques that you can apply when tackling any piece of ill-performing code. Still think performance tuning is a black art? Think again.