Ivan Carter

Ivan Carter is the design strategist at Simple Fast Marketing. After earning his BFA from Arcadia University, he spent almost a decade working in publishing. His experience as an outbound marketing design lead has increased his ability to manage and be responsive to various aspects of the design process. He has built a strong foundation in print design, digital marketing, photography, as well as color and typography.

His hatred of bad signage and a desire to see small business receive a fair price for great design led him to start his first business venture in 2010, Rogue house design. Their goal was to engage in effective design principles while providing a more affordable option to the small business community.

Since then he has become a founding member of Simple Fast Marketing. Where he hopes he can bring more great design into the world by forging new branding through decisive and actionable design techniques. Researching, gathering, brainstorming, sketching and then building a concept helps him approach every project with thoughtful decision making. Because he understands the most important aspect of each client is the diversity they bring to the table.

The Consultant’s Marketing Secret: Getting More Clients by Building your Personal Brand

Saturday, October 10th, 2015 at 8:30 am in

Have you ever wished you had more clients, but despite all your earnest efforts were not able to attract them? If you don’t have a strong and influential brand, you are missing out on many opportunities to gain more customers and earn more money.

Come to this session by branding expert Ivan A. Carter to learn about the power of perception and the importance of your personal and business brands. Learn where branding fits in with your current marketing strategy and discover how “brand optimization” can help you find new clients and turn them into loyal repeat customers, no matter what stage of business you are currently in.

In this session we will cover:
– The difference between a Logo and a Brand
– How a brand builds trust and establishes relevance while supporting all your other marketing efforts
– How a brand can build loyalty that leads to customer retention and repeat business
– How you can use branding to influence how you are perceived and remembered
– Why not having a strong brand will reduce your business’ value and can hinder your ability to secure funding or a loan
– Why buying decisions are based on emotion and how your brand can trigger an emotional response that will lead to more sales