David Mann

David Mann is President of Sector 43 Software (www.sector43.com), and a co-founder at Aptillon (www.aptillon.com).  He has been a SharePoint MVP since 2007, is part time trainer for Critical Path Training, and also produces SharePoint courseware for Pluralsight.  As a developer, software architect, author and trainer he has focused on Microsoft’s Information Worker and Collaboration stack for over 15 years.

Dave is the founder of the Tri-State SharePoint User Group in Philadelphia, PA, focused on topics covering SharePoint and the entire Office System.  He is an author for multiple books, has written whitepapers for MSDN, and articles for magazines and online sites.  He presents regularly at user groups and code camps, and has presented sessions at major conferences, including Microsoft’s SharePoint Conference, the Office Developer’s Conference, TechEd, and the SharePoint Best Practices Conference

All Developers Can Be SharePoint Developers

Friday, October 9th, 2015 at 8:30 am in

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Until recently, SharePoint was the red-headed stepchild of the Microsoft web development world, requiring intimate knowledge of SharePoint and it’s gargantuan object model. This made SharePoint a very specialized skill-set that stood off to the side on its own.  It’s lack of support for standard web-development practices made it difficult for new developers to learn – or to even want to learn.

Fortunately, this has changed.

SharePoint 2013 has joined the rest of the web-development world – supporting standard technologies such as REST, and languages ranging from .NET to Perl, PHP, Ruby, etc. JavaScript is now a first-class citizen.  Gone are the days when “doing SharePoint” required extensive, arcane knowledge. For developers, SharePoint is now just another data store accessible via a robust, REST-based API.

In this full-day session, SharePoint MVP David Mann will introduce the SharePoint REST API and show how it can be used to build client-side applications using JavaScript, utilizing popular frameworks such as Angular and libraries such as JQuery, common tools like Node, Bower, Gulp and Yeoman, as well as rich-client applications using C#. This includes both on-premises installations of SharePoint as well as cloud-based environments such as Office 365.

Bring your laptops as this is a hands-on session.  No SharePoint experience is necessary, but basic programming skills would be a big help.  This is a great opportunity to add SharePoint to your toolkit, or to take your SharePoint skills to the next level.  Individuals and teams are welcome. 

Details, including what you need to bring for the labs are available here: http://blog.mannsoftware.com/?p=1881

SharePoint 2013 – Real Workflow for the Real World

Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 3:10 pm in 331

SharePoint 2013 introduces a whole new workflow engine – but it’s not really new; it’s the engine in Windows Workflow Foundation 4. Finally SharePoint isn’t a one-off for workflow development. This session will introduce the new approach to workflow in SharePoint 2013, cover the architecture – including the Azure Workflow Server – and walk through a complete workflow demo.