D. André Dhondt

Experience: For over a decade, André has led agile adoptions, providing guidance to teams and organizations seeking shorter development cycles, higher quality, and more effective discovery of customer value. Playing various roles, from developer, manager, product owner and scrum master, he’s done everything from hiring and building teams in startup environments to coaching teams for an organization with over 100k employees. Some of his teams have seen 50% reduced cycle time, practically bug-free code with daily deployments, and improved employee morale. He’s also active in the community, providing leadership to groups such as: Agile Philly, Technically Philly Groups and Agile Tour. Education: After graduating from college and receiving an M.S. in Information Science from Drexel University, André has continued his lifelong committment to learning by reading about software teams and by organizing and facilitating discussions amongst local practitioners. To get community feedback on his ideas, he presents regularly at conferences, including: Agile 2011, XP 2010-2011, Agile Tour 2008-2010, and Agile France. Personal: André lives with his spouse and 3 children in Philadelphia, returning after two years spent abroad, where he used his fluent French to help a French team. He’s a runner (clocking 5Ks in ~22 minutes), and loves club/pop music, and swing/bop/contra dancing.

Continuous Integration Isn’t Just for Code!

Saturday, May 12th, 2012 at 3:10 pm
Runners find that they can go faster with a lower perceived effort when they exercise in a pack. The same thing happens when coders pair program, and when colleagues gel. What do we need to do to so we can get code out the door sooner? It’s not just continuous code integration–it’s high bandwidth communication! Find out what companies of all sizes, like Comcast (100k employees), ING Direct (2500 employees), and SmarTesting (30 employees) are doing to successfully adopt and improve Agile development! Paraphrasing from Margaret Mead: “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed [employees] can change the [company]”. This talk is based on personal experience as well as the work of Seth Godin, Jim Collins, Christopher McDougall, Dan Mezick, Christopher Ryan, Cacilda Jethá, Katherine Kirk, Daniel Goleman, and others.