Chris Houdeshell

During the day, Chris Houdeshell is a developer at EnergyCAP Inc. managing all layers of the stack. He is an advocate for using open source software in the enterprise arena. Chris is also software craftsmen, truly enjoying the practice of software development. During the night, after spending time with his wife and daughter, you can always find him tinkering in various languages and on embedded devices.

OWIN Embrace Open Source: Host WebApi in a Windows Service

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at 8:30 am in 211

Open Web Interface for .NET (OWIN) defines an abstraction between .NET web servers and web applications. OWIN decouples the web application from the server, which makes OWIN ideal for self-hosting a web application in your own process, outside of IIS. In this talk we will go over what OWIN actually is and how it fits into the big picture. We will then implement a Windows service using Topshelf ( that exposes a few RESTful APIs via ASP.NET WebAPI and OWIN – all without ever touching IIS.