Anthony Mastrean

I am an expert Windows platform developer practicing zero friction software development. My goal is to be “done, and gets things smart”. I believe that automated testing, continuous integration, and scripting “everything” is going to change the world of Windows development.

Be Happy, Use Rake for Build and Task Automation

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013 at 1:30 pm in 208

I bet most teams don’t have a build script that makes them happy, if they have a build script at all. I bet you don’t automate all of those daily tasks that take up so much time. And I don’t know anyone who happily wrote an MSBuild task, a targets file, or hacked a csproj file. I definitely don’t know anyone who was pleased with the result. I want to introduce you to the Ruby build program, Rake. We’ll bootstrap a Ruby/Rake environment on a Windows machine, use the Ruby package manager, RubyGems, to pull custom .NET Rake tasks, and we’ll script the hell out of a realistic solution. I guarantee that you’ll be happy by the end, or at least inspired :).

FYI, this talk will be open-sourced @