Amanda Silver

Amanda Silver has been with Microsoft since 2001. She’s been on the Visual Studio team throughout her tenure working on various things from programming language design, high performance compilers and runtimes, to developing games for the Xbox and extensions for Office. She spent several years designing VB.NET through the golden age of Generics, LINQ, and Integrated XML. Most recently, she’s been focused on ensuring that Microsoft is home to the world’s fastest and most standards compliant JavaScript engine.

JavaScript MOJO in Internet Explorer 9

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011 at 5:30 pm

Chakra, the new JavaScript engine which ships with Internet Explorer 9 fundamentally changes the performance characteristics of the web – effectively redrawing competitive landscape for modern browsers. It is also one of the key components in IE9 which embraces web standards through support of ECMAScript 5, allowing the same-markup to be used across browsers. In this session, we’ll dive into what Chakra brings to the table by examining head to head performance and behavior comparisons with the other major browsers. We’ll also explore the significant enhancements in the F12 Tools which will enable web devs to develop and debug high-quality web sites with IE9.