Alfonso Garcia

Alfonso has split his career into his two passions, Linguistics and Programming, and still looks for the best way to combine both of them. He’s been fortunate enough to live in different countries and speaks fluently English, Japanese and Spanish (plus a bit of French and German). Feeling at home in .NET ecosystem, he started to explore web programming and really felt the need to use F#, his new favourite language, on the browser. After trying different solutions, he’s developed Fable hoping it’ll help make JS a true backend for F#.

The Functional Compiler to Javascript

Saturday, April 9th, 2016 at 11:30 am in

It may seem the world didn’t need yet another compiler to JS, but Fable brings some new features to the table you should take a look at. With a philosophy similar to TypeScript, the compiled code stays very close to idiomatic JS and adheres to new ES6 standards like modules, classes or iterators, making it easier to interact with other libraries or development tools from the huge JS ecosystem and avoiding any performance penalty. Fable builds on the work of the F# compiler and Babel.js to unlock the full potential of combining two worlds. And of course it lets you take all the advantages of the F# language and compiler we know and love when targeting Node.js or the browser: like static typing, pattern matching, functional standards, terse syntax and great editor support.