Al Nyveldt

Al Nyveldt is the founder of RazorAnt Software, Inc., a small software development shop focusing on web and mobile applications.  Al has over 15 years experience developing software and has spent most of those years working with .NET technologies.  Al has authored a number of iOS apps that are available in the Apple App Store using MonoTouch and C#.  Al is also a project admin and lead developer for BlogEngine.NET, an open source blog platform.  You can find Al at his blog (, on Twitter (@razorant), or at his company site (

Building iOS apps with C# and MonoTouch

Saturday, November 17th, 2012 at 10:00 am in 226

This session will quickly cover what MonoTouch is and actually focus on building an app with MonoTouch and C# that runs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. We’ll start the process with File/New and build out a Code Camp app that you will be able to download from the App Store before the session. This will be a fast paced session with lots of coding with C# but using native iOS APIs. Come and see what goes into making an app for the App Store and how you can leverage your .NET skills to make great native apps to sell in the Apple App Store.

This session will be similar to the one I gave at the last code camp, but updated with the latest iOS and MonoTouch goodness.