Zen and the Art of Programming

Although software development is taught as a STEM out of Science or Engineering schools, it is as much an art or craft a creative process as a science. This presentation focuses on innovative problem solving techniques the tools and techniques to use when your normal process just doesnt seem to get you to a solution. Much of the information in this talk is based on Robert Pirsigs Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, which, although it is focusing on Motorcycles, applies to all kinds of problem spaces (and Pirsig was a tech writer for IBM). These techniques have served me well over the years. The difference in art versus science approaches is actually supported by the way the brain works.
* Traditional Problem Solving Methods, where they fall down
* Eastern techniques, advantages, disadvantages
* Tips
* Specific examples
* Brain versus Mind

David Horvath

• David is an IT Professional who has worked with a wide variety of platforms over the years with a variety of development and analysis tools.
• This is not his first philly.net session and far from his first presentation – having presented workshops and seminars in Australia, France, the US, Canada, and Oxford England (about the British Author Nevil Shute).
• His undergraduate is in Computer and Information Sciences from Temple University and holds a Masters in Organizational Dynamics from UPENN. He holds the Certified Computing Professional designation.
• Most of his career has been in consulting (although recently he has been in house) in the Philadelphia PA area.
• He has several books to his credit (none directly Windows related) and is an Adjunct Instructor covering IT topics.