Yeoman Scaffolding

Yeoman is a client-side stack of tools that help building web applications. The Yeoman workflow is comprised of three tools:

  • scaffolding tool (yo)
  • task-runner/build tool (Grunt, Gulp)
  • package manager (Bower, npm)

According to the yeoman homepage, “Yeoman helps you kickstart new projects, prescribing best practices and tools to help you stay productive”.

This session will demonstrate creation of MVC 6 views and controllers with Yeoman that can be edited in Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code.

Rob Keiser

Rob Keiser is a .Net developer, Architect and freelance writer for PC Today magazine. He has been building Windows application using various languages and tools for the past 20 years. Rob has also created some Windows Phone applications including Lunar Phase and NOAA Buoy.