Xamarin.Forms Bootcamp

Sold OutThis is an all day workshop showing the ins and outs of Xamarin.Forms, a wonderful framework from Microsoft for building cross platform applications. We will be building an Android app together. The basic topics that will be covered include:

– Xamarin.Forms Controls and XAML
– Authentication using both JWT and also Xamarin.Auth
– Navigation in Xamarin.Forms
– Local databases with SQLite

To code along, please bring a laptop with Visual Studio installed (either Windows 10 or Mac OSX.) To test the application locally, it’s recommended to install Android Studio as well for the SDK tools and emulators. You can also use an Android phone connected via USB in developer mode. I will be providing a RESTful API we will use for our application.

If time permits, these advanced topics can be covered:

– XAML design using Live Player or Gorilla Player
– iOS development (with Unified API)
– Animations (using AirBnb’s Lottie library)
– Continuous integration using Jenkins
– Incorporating an Android widget into the app

Mike Melusky

Mike Melusky is a software developer for Audacious Inquiry in Baltimore, MD. He is also an adjunct faculty member for Penn State University and Franklin Marshall college. He has an XBOX One X.