Write Better C# Code With Live Analyzers

Analyzers enable project teams to codify their best practices and library authors to provide extra guidance on their usage, all exposed through Visual Studio’s hints and compiler messages. With the help of the .Net Compiler Platform (codename Roslyn), it’s never been easier to build and share your own live code analyzer. In this session, you’ll learn step-by-step how to create and share code analyzers for C# code utilizing the Roslyn API. You’ll also learn how to create code fixes for your teammates or users to immediately apply and get back on the track to writing clean code. No prior experience with the Roslyn API is necessary or assumed.

Scott Kay

Scott Kay is a software engineer at eMoney Advisor working with a talented team of developers to continuously improve and optimize their application stack and server infrastructure. He has been involved with .NET since it’s inception, first as a Microsoft Evangelist and continuing through his local developer community. Beyond .NET, he dabbles in the Go programming language and data/multimedia compression.