What’s New With WCF 4.0

No Day-Of-WCF would be complete without letting you know what’s new with .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010. This session will give you a heads up on several new and powerful features introduced in WCF 4.0. Among these are “Configuration-less Hosting”, “Discovery”, “Routing”, and an intro to the new Azure Service Bus.

Miguel Castro

Miguel is President of Melvicorp LLC and specializes in architecting, building and educating on .NET solutions. He is a 7-year Microsoft MVP, INETA Speaker, Conference Speaker, contributor to CoDe Magazine, as well as an active blogger, and has been a software developer for over 29 years. With a Microsoft background that goes all the way back to VB 1.0 (and QuickBasic in fact). Miguel has spoken at numerous user groups, code camps, and conferences around the country. He has also been featured on the Internet Radio Talk Show, .NET Rocks and .NET Rocks-TV on numerous occasions. His blog and other things of potential interest can be found at http://www.dotnetdude.com. He resides in Lincoln Park, NJ with his wife Elena and his daughter Victoria.