Visual Studio 2015 for Web Developers

Visual Studio is known for its rich and deep tooling for Web Development. A best in class CSS editor combines with fantastic HTML5 support, and power JavaScript intellisense to support your most advanced web applications. We’ll learn about the latest updates for intellisense for Angular and other modern web frameworks. We’ll see how the now fully extensible editors make coding with Grunt, Gulp, Bower, and of course, the new ASP.NET project system, a joy. To top it all off, we’ll dig into BrowserLink technology and see how it connects the best IDEs with the best browsers.

Jeffrey Fritz

Jeffrey T. Fritz is a senior program manager on MIcrosoft’s Azure Development Experiences group.  He is a long time web developer with experience in large and small applications across a variety of verticals.  His first book, ‘Learn ASP.NET 5 in 24 Hours’ is complete and will be available in early 2016.  You can also learn from Jeffrey on Pluralsight, follow him on twitter @csharpfritz, and read his blogs at and