Using the Azure Resource Manager API to Scale Azure Database Up and Down on a Schedule

Have you ever wanted to take an Azure Database that is mostly used from 9-5 PM and have it automatically scale up to meet business day demands and scale down to save some money overnight? In this talk we’ll walk through some code that uses the Azure APIs to do just that. This demo uses .NET 4.6.1 and the Azure Active Directory Authentication Libraries (ADAL) to authenticate and then uses the Azure Resource Manager APIs to show how you can automate a change to an Azure Database’s performance level. You can then throw this script into an Azure WebJob and have it run on a schedule that matches performance with demand.

At the end we’ll briefly touch on how this technique of automated vertical scaling can be combined with more formidable horizontal scaling techniques to maximize performance and savings in a variety of scenarios.

Eric Furry

Eric Furry is a Senior Software Consultant at IT Solutions, Inc and is responsible for system architecture and product feature design on a variety of client solutions. He has been working with Microsoft .NET technologies since 2003 and is also an avid lover of Javascript frameworks like Knockout and Angular.

Eric has loved writing software since the age of 12 because it allows you to create something in just a few hours that can then surprise and intrigue you. He also enjoys homebrew beer, cats, and playing the video game Civilization 5.