Untangling SharePoint Client Side Development

Since SharePoint 2010 and 2013 include an Ecmascript/Javascript object model (JSOM) and .Net object model (CSOM), it has been an option to design other applications that “reach into” SharePoint.  These applications can modify SharePoint sites or use SharePoint as a storage engine.  In this session, we’ll explore when it makes sense to develop client side applications (as opposed to traditional .net / sql server applications), look at code automation possibilities, security, and gotchas.

Brett Cohen

Brett Cohen is a Senior SharePoint Developer at RJB Technical Consulting, a leading SharePoint consulting firm.  Brett has extensive experience in SharePoint 2010 as well as 2007, as well as Asp.net, SQL Server, and web services, among other technologies.  Ultimately, Brett’s passion is for the user experience; he believes that by designing elegant, reusable solutions, there will be enough development bandwidth to ensure applications are efficient and easy to use. You can follow him on twitter @brettcohen.