Universal Apps – What it Means to You

Want to get the most bang for your buck? Universal Apps give you a great way to get in front of the changing landscape of Windows development and to maximize your ROI. You’ll find out how to make your app quickly and efficiently for all the screens.

Start getting ready for the next wave now!

Atley Hunter

Atley Hunter is a passionate developer with over 20 years’ experience. As one of the most prolific Modern UI developers in the world, he has hundreds of unique apps in the running on millions of Windows devices worldwide. A Microsoft Windows Platform MVP, and Telerik MVP & Insider, he is constantly working with developers worldwide to improve both skills and the platforms themselves. Atley is always sharing his knowledge and connecting with developers through events, his blog(http://www.atleyhunter.com), email (devMentor@outlook.com), Twitter (@atleyhunter), Skype (Atley.Hunter) and LinkedIn.