The Realtime Web with ASP.NET, SignalR, and JavaScript

We’ve built web sites for years on the idea that they were stateless and changes occurred on a callback to the server.  That’s changing in a big way, and you can leverage your .NET skills to get up to speed.

The web is becoming stateful, real-time enabled, and programmable. In this talk, we will build a practical example of a real-time board game built on HTML5 and JavaScript that gets realtime state updates from a server that self-hosts SignalR.  All players can see what is happening as it happens.  The server exposes a public API that outside developers can use to extend your platform and add more value.  Starting at File > New Project, you will get an introduction to the HTML5 Canvas, JavaScript object patterns, ASP.NET SignalR, and how to embed a JavaScript engine for extensibility right in your server.

Start building extensible and powerful web applications after seeing how the way the web works is changing for good.

Chris Gomez

Chris has been writing Windows software professionally for 19 years. His day jobs have included developing kiosks for theme parks and retail stores and building portfolio analytics for commercial lending. Today His hobby for game development started much earlier by making games using ASCII characters in text mode using BASICA. However, in his free time, you’ll find Chris playing the latest games on his Xbox 360 or Windows Phone 7.