The Ramifications of JavaScript Everywhere

One might want to dismiss JavaScript as a fad, but it’s not going away. Prior bad experiences and unexpected results color our perception of JavaScript. Is there a better way? Unless you want to keep working on a COBOL backend (more power to you!), it’s past time to sit around the projector glow and warm up to the language, ecosystem, and future possibilities. We’ll investigate where the sour taste of JavaScript came from, how it’s evolved from providing simple validations to running entire companies and even robots, and offer tools and techniques so that we all may embrace the New Assembly Language.

Rob Smith

Having consulted over the last 14 years in various industries such as print media, online video, finance, and healthcare, Robert Smith has integrated proven software architectures and algorithms to compose solutions and achieve key software initiatives. Robert spreads his autodidact nature via speaking, mentoring, and organizing groups such as PhillyJS and LehighValleyJS. In his spare time, he plays guitars and indie games.