The future is now: An overview of developing using emerging natural interface devices

In this session, I’ll go over the current and soon to be released hardware for facilitating natural interfaces between human and computer.  The Kinect for Windows opened the floodgates of interest and has spawned a plethora of new devices for HCI, including the Intel Perceptual SDK with the Creative Senz3d, LeapMotion, the soon to be released Kinect 2.0, Occipital Structure Sensor, Emotiv Insight, and I think most excitingly the OculusVR Rift.  In this session I’ll demonstrate the use and programming of the LeapMotion, Intel/Creative Senz3d, and the OculusVR Rift using .NET.  If we’re really lucky, I’ll have a Kinect 2.0 in tow too!