Streaming Your User Group or Coding Live

Video streaming took off when video gamers started plying their craft, with platforms dedicated to low latency, high quality video on demand and live.

This format is perfect to extend the reach of user groups and meetups beyond those who attend in person. Philly.NET and Philly Azure are streaming every event in 2018. And live streaming your work on the desktop at home is a convenient way to get feedback and “pair program” with the world.

In this session, Chris Gomez and Rich Ross will tell you how they got started streaming Philly.NET and Philly Azure events. The stream improves each month with new features being added.

Chris and Rich have plenty of tips for getting started with free software and services. We’ll also show you the hardware we’ve used and some of the lessons learned on what to be prepared for. Start small and over time you can make your stream more “professional”.

2018 will be the year you see more streams of events and developers at home sharing their skills and learning from each other. This is the time to grow your community in a new and exciting way. Learn how to get involved!

Chris Gomez

Chris is a software developer who loves to share what he’s learned with everyone. A Microsoft MVP, Chris regularly discusses topics such as ASP.NET, Game development, Cloud development and how to grow as a developer at user groups, conferences, and the Static Void Podcast (