SQL Server Cryptology – A Primer

So, you got told you need to encrypt “the database”. Now what?
Join this session by security expert Sebastian Meine (Ph.D.) for an introduction to the fascinating world of cryptology. In this session, geared towards the DBA, you will learn the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption, discover what a cryptographic one-way hash function is and probe into cryptographically secure pseudo random number generation. After exploring the different definitions, you will be able to observe how to implement encryption, decryption, transparent data encryption (TDE) and hashing in SQL Server. We will pay special attention to areas where the choice of encryption technology affects your database maintenance and recovery strategies.
After attending this session, you will be able to
• explain the difference between symmetric and asymmetric encryption.
• select the right cryptographic technology for your special security requirement.
• identify when to use one-way hashing instead of encryption.
To benefit from this 200 level session, you should feel comfortable writing stored procedures and views and have basic permission management skills.

Sebastian Meine

Sebastian Meine, Ph.D. is the SQL Stylist behind sqlity.net llc. In 2010 he founded sqlity.net to fully engage in his passion for SQL Server.

Armed with a Ph.D. in Computer Science and years of experience in architecting DBs for a global Fortune 50 company, Sebastian now provides training and consulting services for his clients, specializing in SQL Server Security, Test Driven Development, and Performance. Sebastian is an experienced public speaker, published author, president of the Philly PASS Chapter, PASS Regional Mentor and coauthor & lead developer of tSQLt.