Slack-Driven Development

Shortening the feedback loop allows us to improve the quality and increase the efficiency of a development team. Come and learn how the versatile team communication tool called Slack can become the heart of your process, allowing you to reduce the feedback loop and centralize the information produced by the large number of tools and utilities involved in your software engineering process.

Some of the practical examples are:

– Continuous integration build failures and successful builds
– Application deployments
– API test failures
– Pull requests
– Team meetings and reminders
– Other integrations

We will be discussing these and many other recipes to improve your team’s productivity.

Claudio Sanchez

Our speaker, Claudio Sanchez, solves business problems by utilizing best-practices and sound software engineering principles. He likes to maximize the amount of work not done – not reinventing the wheel, but instead making it better.

Claudio is the CEO of Megsoft Consulting, Inc, a software engineering firm specializing in cross platform mobile development using C# & Xamarin, cloud computing and Web technologies.