SignalR – Get the maximum from the Real Time web

We’ve all seen the SignalR demos with the chat application and the stock quotes updating from the server. So let’s move past that and get to high performance real-time web applications. You might need fast bidirectional capability for a game or you simply need to support more clients than one SignalR host can handle. So how can you test those limits on your servers? And how do you figure out what is wrong with your hub when it doesn’t work?!?

After a quick refresher on how to use SignalR, we’ll dive into these more advanced topics. We’ll stress test a server, debug through real problems that kept me up at night, and have a little fun with everyone’s Internet connected devices.

Chris Gomez

Chris is a software developer who loves to share what he’s learned with everyone. A Microsoft MVP, Chris regularly discusses topics such as ASP.NET, Game development, Cloud development and how to grow as a developer at user groups, conferences, and the Static Void Podcast (