Sharepoint 2013 Apps – or how I learned to stop worrying and love the apps, the cloud and the app clouds

SharePoint 2013 brings with it the new app model, and new acronyms like CSOM and JSOM. Rumors abound about no sandbox solutions. HTML 5 and JavaScript rule the world. However, this doesn’t tell the whole story. SharePoint Apps enhance the SharePoint experience, not degrade it. We’ll take a brief tour of the new app model to talk about where these new apps can live and breathe – and how they can offer more power than SharePoint alone ever did, thanks to Azure or BYOx. We’ll look at app event receivers, app architecture, app gotchas and how to install apps without procedural code (hint – see javascript). With SharePoint 2013 nearly co-releasing with SharePoint Online 2013, we may look at this new app model at what leans toward truly decoupled SOA where the sky is the limit.

James Tramel

James Tramel is currently titled as a Global Architect and Development Manager for the Collaboration Services and Emerging Technologies team, serving as the technical lead. He works primarily with the Microsoft stack, including SharePoint, 365, SQL and Azure with some Forefront, XRM and Exchange. He also does work with SiteCore as a public facing CMS. An early html and javascript web developer, James has worked in development with Java and C#, on platforms such as mobile, cloud, hosted and native, and in administration on networks, servers and databases. James currently holds several certifications, and has completed academic requirements to start his Master’s in Computer Science. He has previously presented at various mid-Atlantic user groups and conferences, and has worked with a variety of clients in public and private business sectors, non-profits and government.