Share your mobile UI code with Xamarin.Forms

Xamarin comes as a better solution for mobile cross platform development, not just because the code sharing, but it delivers high performance compiled code with full access to all the native API, allowing creation of native apps with device-specific experiences. Anything one can do in Objective-C or Java, can be done in C# with Xamarin

However, using only Xamarin.iOS and/or Xamarin.Android, the most that can be shared is business logic and application code, while UI still needs to be written separately for each platform. But with Xamarin.Forms, the UI code can be shared as well across all three major platforms, making the cross development process more productive. Also, Xamarin.Forms supports XAML for UI definition, data binding and commands as first class features – making MVVM an adequate programming model.

Come for a session of fun building a cross mobile app with your favorite tools and language (Visual Studio and C#), with 100% shared code between all 3 platforms!

Georgian Grigore

Georgian is a tenured full stack developer and architect, using primarily Microsoft technologies by day, but also dabbing into open source by night. He has more than a decade of experience building business applications, mainly in the healthcare and e-commerce areas. In his free time he’s interested in mobile, cloud and web development, working on several apps and sites, backed up by azure web services. He can be contacted at