Serverless PowerShell Azure Functions

Serverless PowerShell Azure Functions. Serverless means reduced DevOps, reduced complexity, and broader reach. Stay focused on what you need to deliver. Have you ever built a PowerShell script and wanted to share it? Do you post it to a network drive? Submit it to an internal system to have it delivered? Want to distribute it more broadly, or serve up your PowerShell function as a REST API? Check this out!

Doug Finke

PowerShell Ninja

Doug Finke, author of the O’Reilly title “PowerShell for Developers” and 9 time Microsoft MVP, builds advanced PowerShell tools across the board, gluing things together, making humans faster and more agile. From release pipelines to DevOps in the Cloud, surfacing APIs around .NET DLLs like his popular PowerShell Excel module and his latest, building PowerShell Azure Functions to make them accessible as REST APIs.
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