Sensor Fun with Windows 8 Ultrabooks

Want to take advantage of the Sensor API in WinRT and all the cool sensors available in Intel’s Ultrabooks? Come see how easy it is to work with events from accelerometers, light sensors, gyrometers and more! We will be working with the Sensor API with Visual Studio 2012, Windows 8, XAML and C#.

Alvin Ashcraft

Alvin is a Microsoft Visual C# MVP, blogger, technology geek and family guy. Alvin is currently a Principal Applications Engineer for Oracle’s Health Sciences group, working with C# and ASP.NET. Previously, he was a software developer for Allscripts (formerly Eclipsys). There he helped create software solutions for enterprise healthcare organizations using Microsoft platforms and solutions. In a previous life, Alvin worked for several consulting firms as a software developer. During those years he developed solutions for clients in the manufacturing, financial and healthcare industries.