Do you ever feel like Visual Studio is slowing you down? Is a brand new solution really necessary if all you want to do is explore an idea with code? Why can’t the C# experience be as simple and frictionless as a scripting language – like Ruby or node.js?

Believe it or not, it can be!

Scriptcs is a new and exciting perspective on C#. Using only a simple text editor and a command prompt, the power of C# can now be harnessed in a scripting environment. NuGet integration makes it easy to use your favorite frameworks and packages directly from your command line, and script packs make it easy to bootstrap your environment for your favorite frameworks. Scriptcs lets you experience C# on a diet – a new, leaner way to develop.

Justin Rusbatch

Justin is an open source developer with a passion for simplicity. He is the creator of and coordinator for scriptcs. He also co–hosts Seriously Open, a podcast focusing on the .NET open source community, with Nick Berardi, Phil Haack, and Dale Ragan.

An aspiring beer aficionado with a caffeine addiction, Justin can often be found drinking a fresh cup of coffee or acquainting himself with a new beer.