Running Highly Effective Agile Teams

Having been a part of Agile, Waterfall, and projects with no SDLC at all. As a consultant in the business of solution delivery I will often have to come onsite and assimilate to the culture of the client. Other times it is our job to realign the culture of the client to a more agile and efficient way of getting things done. In this talk we will cover estimation, accountability, people vs. process, empowering your team while not risking the delivery dates. I will cover how to pair programming and code reviews contrary to common corporate belief actually make teams more productive and result in higher quality code. And yes how testing will make your team all rock stars!

Matt Van Horn

Matt Van Horn is a Sr. Consultant with Capax Global. In his current role, Matt is responsible for working with clients to produce applications to serve our clients needs. Matt, a seasoned developer with proficiencies in a wide-array of programming languages and platforms, focuses on creating flexible and dynamic code tailored to the specific needs of customers. Matt is an experienced presenter, regularly speaking at user group meetings and Code Camps.