Rev up in R – A One Day Introduction to R

R is growing to be the standard tool for Data Analytics. Microsoft has deeply embraced R and has included it as a component in SQL Server, Azure and Cortana. R is the standard language for Data Science. This session will provide an overview of R, its uses and how you can continue your learning. Bring your laptop and we will set up R with you.

Key Topics include:

Implementation – How is it implemented and what is required for its use. This includes a basic set up and larger scenarios.

Data Wrangling – How do you get at data and structure it for your use.

Statistical Analysis and Packages – How can you use the analytic features that are important to you. (We will also do a brief refresher on what statistics are and why they are important.)

Introduction to Machine Learning – Machine Learning is currently a hot button topic. You will see some use cases and how R fits into them.

Visualization and Reporting in R – One of the key features is the robust levels of visualizations included and how they can be customized for your use.

Resources – Where to find additional info on R to continue your journey

Dan Hartshorn

Dan Hartshorn is Principal Consultant at Hartshorn Associates. He is a leading BI, Data and SharePoint Enterprise Architect. Passionate advocate in using enterprise data as an asset to drive business results.

By training Dan is actually statistician and is a real numbers and data geek.

He is experienced in Azure, SQL Server, .Net, Web Development, Power BI, SharePoint, Office 365, Big Data, and major BI tools. A recognized expert in SharePoint, SQL Server and Business Information design, development, deployment and governance. Specialties include Managing data as a corporate asset, SharePoint, development, Database Development, Data Warehousing, Business Information and Reporting, Big Data, Cloud Applications, Collaboration, Project and Program Management, Business Development, Corporate Performance Management, Organization Planning.