RabbitMQ – Robust Messaging for Applications

RabbitMQ is a great implementation of AMQP and can be used for a many situations. In this session we’ll explore some classic messaging patterns and how they can be expressed via RabbitMQ. We’ll also delve into some advanced message routing and management. Keeping our broker alive and happy is important, too, so we’ll talk about clustering and high availability and all that jazz.

Jon Goldman

“Jonny Gold” is a solutions architect at Cox Automotive with over 19 years of experience in each phase of development.  As a member of HomeNet Automotive’s Platform Team, he works with the product folks, architects, and developers to arrive at solutions that balance academic elegance with real-world pragmatism.  The whiteboards near his desk are covered with hieroglyphics, erased, and covered again & again & again, but he still slings plenty of code.  C# is his weapon of choice and he brings that to bear on system-wide frameworks, steering clear of the UI in favor of more capable hands.

Jon enjoys playing with his two daughters, gaming, and generally geeking out.  You can find him on Steam or XBox as IonAurum.