Pulling a Data Access 360 (Micro ORMs in .NET)

Over the past decade and a half, the way .NET developers have accessed data has gone from a pretty loose pattern of data readers and data sets (remember those???) to a more formal and patterned repository approach with complex ORMs like Entity Framework and nHibernate. But the pendulum is swinging back towards a simpler approach to data access, and this talk will focus on using a MicroORM (like Dapper.NET) in your .NET application. We’ll look at what a MicroORM is all about, how to get started with Dapper and how you can get up and running with Dapper with a full-featured but simple demo application. Learn how to keep your data access simple yet extremely powerful with this session!

David Hoerster

David Hoerster, a 5-time C# MVP, is a recovering corporate financial analyst and has been working with the Microsoft.NET Framework since the early 1.0 betas. He is the Sr. Solutions Architect for Confluence, a managed investments software product company. David is the conference chair of Pittsburgh TechFest, the leader of the Pittsburgh Reactive Systems user group (http://meetup.com/reactive), the former president of the Pittsburgh .NET User’s Group (PGHDOTNET) and is also a regular speaker at Pittsburgh and regional user group and community conference events. David can be found rarely blogging at http://blog.agileways.com and tweets occasionally at @DavidHoerster.