Performance Tuning with JetBrains DotTrace

In this talk, Christine Murphy will explain the best way to use JetBrains Dot Trace to allow the Developer to improve performance of their application.

She will be using many code samples in multiple languages and platforms to show you the best way to go about making performance enhancements to your code.

This talk will not simply be about how to make performance gains, but will also discuss which performance gains you should NOT try to attempt.

This talk is a Mid to Senior level tak, and you should understand C#, JAVA, or The practices that Christine will discuss are practices that can be applied to both Web and Windows.

Christine Murphy

I am a Developer with many years experience.

I have two passions, quality and people. In my travels throughout the community, I meet lots of non-techies. When I tell them what I do for a living, they invariably tell me about all their troubles with different social media sites.

Can you tell me how to tag someone? I don’t know how to add a video to my FaceBook post. etc, All these questions gave her the idea to launch her very own YouTube channel called “Get ‘Em Online”. It is a channel dedicated to Grandma. The premise is that you would set Grandma down in front of the TV with her phone in hand. My channel would be playing on your TV, and Grandma would be following along on her phone.

Creating the YouTube videos required going through a learning curve, with many trials and errors. My latest video, “How and Why to Connect to Wifi”( is my best one yet . If there had been a class at Code Camp on how to make YouTube videos, I would have taken it a long time ago. I would like to help others avoid the pitfalls and get started right away.