Peaks and Pitfalls in Creating Commercial Software

Kendall Miller, Co-founder of Gibraltar Software (A Baltimore-based Independent Software Vendor) pulls back the curtain and talks about the challenges and difficult decisions that come along with creating a business around commercial software.
•Creating Product Strategy – One of these three doors is the path to greatness, the other two go nowhere. Guess which.
•Connecting with Customers – Trying to not be the best product no one ever heard of.
•Finding the Right Talent – Collecting the team to knock it out of the park

We’ll go through real examples from the history of our software products – things that have worked out and things that have gone awry. Sometimes comical, sometimes tragic – it’s never boring when you’re building your reputation and your company.

Kendall Miller

Kendall Miller is one of the founding partners of Gibraltar Software, an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) that develops & markets commercial applications for .NET developers. Introduced in 2009, Loupe is an application logging & monitoring platform that is currently used by customers around the world from individual consultants through Fortune 100 companies and governments.

Before starting Gibraltar Software, Kendall worked for multiple startups leading their technology development from beginning through profitability. In each case he’s focused on translating enterprise-level performance and capabilities down to smaller companies.

Kendall has a B.S in Computer Engineering from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.