PDC10 Session 1 – presented live, in-person!

Thanks to the amazing folks at Philly.NET we are going to host one of these parties at the Microsoft Malvern office on October 28th. We will have free wireless available as well as some great raffle prizes (X-Box 360). I hope you will join us!

Ever since creating his first “Choose Your Own Adventure” video game using Commodore BASIC, Dave has been fascinated by the potential of computers and the worlds they can bring to us. Debuting in the Enterprise space with Visual Basic 5, he has worked with Microsoft Technologies all of his career at various Fortune 100/500 companies. He enjoys talking about technology and has taught full day courses on many Microsoft topics as well as being a presenter at VSLive!, Re-Mix, XAMLFest, CodeCamps and other events. His current passion is showing companies in the Mid-Atlantic States the importance of good user experience and how to implement it within their Enterprise. Dave can be found on Twitter at @theDaveDev and frequently posts to his blog at http://CoolStuffWith.Net.

David Isbitski

Dave has been a professional speaker, trainer and evangelist for over a decade. He has taught full-day courses on many topics including Mobile Apps, Cloud and the Web. Dave has helped launch numerous technology platforms, frameworks and programming languages across an array of devices at both Microsoft and Amazon. Dave is also an author for Lynda.com, can be found on twitter as @TheDaveDev, on his personal blog (http://davedev.net) and the official Amazon Apps & Services Blog (http://bit.ly/amazon-blog).