.NET Debugging with WinDbg

Have you experienced application hang, crash, or memory leak in production environment? Other than bang your head against the wall or yell at Microsoft technical support people over the phone, what else you can do? Yes, you can try WinDbg. WinDbg is a multipurpose debugger for Windows. It’s a part of Microsoft Debugging Tool for Windows. It can be used to debug user mode application, driver, and the operating system in kernel mode. This session will give you a brief overview of WinDbg and present you how to use WinDbg troubleshoot application problems in production environment.

Henry He

Henry He has been doing software development for more than a decade. He hold a Computer Science Master degree from NJIT. As a technology practitioner, he is always excited by all the new technologies. He believe learning is a lifelong process. He spent a lot of his spare time reading books, taking classes, attending seminars, and participating Hackathons. After years of learning, He realized the best way of learning is using and sharing. He think hard to see how to use new technologies at work. He conducted a lot of presentations to share his thoughts with colleagues. He gave many public presentations at user groups and code camps to exchange knowledge and ideas with smart people in the industry. He contributed articles at tech website to let people learn from his experiences and mistakes. Right now, he is working at Medidata as a Lead Application Engineer.