MVC3 and Razor Templating

ASP.NET MVC 3 introduces the Razor View Engine which provides a cleaner, more fluid alternative to the legacy Web Forms syntax. Backed by a powerful syntax and API, Razor allows you to focus on writing dynamic views and helps you to avoid the “tag soup” that is the Web Forms syntax. This talk will show you how to ditch the Web Forms View Engine and start writing cleaner Views in your ASP.NET MVC projects. We will also take a look behind the scenes and walk through the API that makes it all possible.  By the end of this talk, you’ll not only want to use the Razor View Engine in your ASP.NET MVC projects, you might be tempted to use it in non-web applications as well!

Jess Chadwick

Jess Chadwick is a Learning author, host of the Static Void Podcast, founding board member of the TechBash developer conference, and dev manager and architect at one of the two largest banks in the US. But, more importantly, he’s a coder with over 20 years of experience of writing and actually shipping software with a variety of teams in a variety of environments from 2-person startups to 200,000-person enterprises.