Monitoring in Meatspace

Most of the things we work with, manage, and maintain need to alert us when things go clunk. There are plenty of ways to do so with emails, text messages, giant TVs on the wall, little systray icons, and so on. Those are helpful and all, but they may not be engaging enough. We can do better. We can bridge the abstract world and the physical universe. We can bring our monitors and alerts into meatspace in fun and engaging ways.

In the first part of the talk I’ll share some ideas and share what we’ve done at HomeNet to harness the power of Phillips HUE bulbs to bring focus to our continuous integration builds and some system monitoring. Then we’ll spend some time brainstorming together new ways to shed light on the darker corners of everyone’s systems.

Jon Goldman

“Jonny Gold” is a solutions architect at Cox Automotive with over 19 years of experience in each phase of development.  As a member of HomeNet Automotive’s Platform Team, he works with the product folks, architects, and developers to arrive at solutions that balance academic elegance with real-world pragmatism.  The whiteboards near his desk are covered with hieroglyphics, erased, and covered again & again & again, but he still slings plenty of code.  C# is his weapon of choice and he brings that to bear on system-wide frameworks, steering clear of the UI in favor of more capable hands.

Jon enjoys playing with his two daughters, gaming, and generally geeking out.  You can find him on Steam or XBox as IonAurum.